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Use S2C’s intuitively designed dashboards to provide not just information but helpful insights to your stakeholders.

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Transform Millions Of Data-Points Into Business Intelligence

Access S2C’s advanced dashboard solutions, designed specifically to meet your research and monitoring needs.

Customizable Visualization

S2C offers a wide range of ready-made dashboard templates to choose from. Personalize your dashboards with interactive filters, cross-tabulation, segregation of reports, hundreds of chart formats, and an extensive color palette.

Easy Data Transfer

S2C’s dashboard platform comes with easy drag-and-drop widget functionality, with a one-click export function. Download important reports as PDFs, Excel, or PPT files and share them on social media, via email or SMS.

User Specific Dashboards

Enjoy complete security and control over the information being shared with different stakeholders. Establish user-specific dashboard functionalities and data pathways, seamlessly integrating them with your organizational hierarchy.

Data Sourcing

Dashboards can be synced to capture and update data on a real-time basis, giving you a realistic view of business performance, every minute. No need to wait for end-of-day reports or formal reviews to monitor your key metrics.

  • Data import through APIs
  • Capture Individual Trends
  • Data Sanitization

Multi-source Data Capture

For decentralized business activities, dashboards are the best way to capture and consolidate information centrally. Empower your managers with a transparent view of their functions by integrating all the physical and digital data resources.

  • Centralized Data Consolidation
  • Larger Geographic Reach
  • Integration With Existing CRM

Automated Analysis

Expedite your decision-making process by capitalizing on the automated analytics and data visualization functionality of dashboards. Convert unstructured data into tabulated reports that can significantly reduce your analysis time and effort.

  • Multiple Variables Analyzed Simultaneously
  • Cross Tabulation And Correlation
  • Metrics With Statistical Significance Identified

Flexibility And Control

Enjoy complete flexibility in terms of how your dashboards will report data to you. Manage dashboard themes, color preferences, tabulation choices, and export functions for a dashboard experience that is synchronized with your brand.

  • Data Exports To SPSS, Excel, CSV, or Powerpoint
  • Dynamic Filters For Controlled Reporting
  • Multiple Widgets and Chart Types

Dashboards for

Your business processes and research activities can generate a mountain of data from various touchpoints. With the sophisticated dashboard tools of S2C, you can clean and structure that data to generate relevant information and insights for your stakeholders.

  • Data Visualization
  • Import via APIs
  • Customized Integration
  • User Permissions

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