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12 Customer Experience Trends To Look Out For In 2021


2020 was a year where businesses grappled with major disruption as the world was forced into isolation. The Covid-19 crisis took us by shock and five years plans became redundant in no time. It was an eye-opening year for each and every one. 

Despite the hurdles, companies with a strong and adaptive customer experience (CX) foundation emerged somewhat unscathed. They stood by their customers and continued to provide a stellar customer experience. 

2020 was the year of new CX trends and if the status quo is to be believed, 2021 would see more emerging CX trends.

Here we bring you 12 CX trends for 2021 that can help you redesign your CX strategy. 

  • Digital Transformation will Accelerate

2020 was a year of digital transformation and even before Coronavirus struck, 70% of businesses were working on some kind of digital transformation strategies. By the end of 2021, this number is expected to go up despite lockdowns easing in various parts of the world. The companies which actively focused on advancing their CX witnessed higher ROIs and this would be a driving factor for companies in 2021.

  • Customers are wanting the brand to work on Diversity and Inclusivity

The last year also sparked an ongoing conversation about social justice and racism around the globe. A majority of customers reported wanting the company they do business with to share a position regarding “racial equity, social justice, and anti-discrimination” issues, according to 5WPR’s 2020 Consumer Culture Report. Customers expect brands to become vocal about such issues and incorporate equality in their services as well as employees. 

  • Real-Time interaction 

Customer Interaction in this decade is all about cultivating a personalized customer experience and Real Time Interaction Management(RTIM) will be an important trend in CX for 2021. With the traditional approach, you create a Customer segment across channels to send outbound campaigns. Fused with RTIM, you would be able to recognize customers and tend to their personal requirements in real-time. 

  • EX in Post Covid World

To increase the efficiency of their customer services, businesses are opting to integrate Employee Experience into their CX strategy. Employees can sometimes be a great channel to provide feedback to improve CX and implementing an EX platform would allow brands to get a deeper insight into their customers’ profiles.

  • More Focus on Customer Retention

The customer cycle has witnessed a gradual change over the years. The focus from acquiring new customers has shifted to creating a loyal customer base. This is where Closing the loop ticketing comes in handy. With the new tool, businesses can track the entire customer journey at multiple touchpoints and provide real-time assistance to customers in need. 

  • Overcoming Data Silos

With every CX platform, you get a plethora of data to analyze. The trend for 2021 would be to find the best way to leverage metric data such as sentiments of customers, profitability, and lifetime value of the customers to create a flawless engagement strategy. This means more visually appealing data in dashboards and less of long and boring excel sheets.

  • Customer Experience will be the Key Brand Differentiator

A decade back, the fight was for the price. Today, customer experience has come to the forefront overshadowing the pricing factor. Today, brands are moving toward creating a unique customer experience that no other brands can compete with and this would mean that this year’s brand differentiator would be their CX and not the aggressive pricing. 

  • Omnichannel focus

In one of Adobe’s study, it was found that companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies enjoy a 10% Y-O-Y growth, a 10% increase in average order value, and a 25% increase in close rates. This would encourage more companies to inculcate the omnichannel focus to their CX platform. 

  • Marketers and CX would come together

The biggest CX trend for 2021 would be the relationship between marketing and CX. For years, marketing leaders have been working hard to acquire new customers and bring them to the website that promises to offer a seamless experience. But after years of planning some of the most creative means to market their products and services, they have realized that customers really care about the experience after purchase. To make their brand more effective, marketers and CX would have to come together in 2021 to create a product that is appreciated throughout its lifecycle. 

  • Personalization of new sorts — data analysis, machine learning 

The future of personalization is not about cookies, third parties data, or personalized products. The next-gen is all about using big data and insights into creating the perfect content, perfect offer, and the right sequence of events that lead to conversion from automation. 

  • CX will be the new Competitive Advantage

Customer-centric experience is no longer considered a luxury that only a few brands give to the customers, it is now expected out of each brand. But brands that are still lagging and haven’t understood the importance of customer CX will face a huge roadblock. The vision for 2021 should be to move towards a seamless CX powered by technology, communication, and analytics.

  • Emotional Analysis would require your dedication

If you are looking to improve your customer experience in 2021, the focus should be on Emotional Analysis. While sentiment analysis gives a brief idea of what your customers think of you, emotional analysis delves deep into the themes associated with such emotions. Using Emotional Analysis, businesses can discover which emotions impact human experience and reshape their strategies going forward.

From prioritizing services, Emotional analysis to taking a stand on social injustice, your customer experience journey in 2021 would be requiring your utmost attention. CX trends in 2021 would be gaining momentum and it’s better to be ahead of the curve than to play catchup. 


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