Market Intelligence To Guide Product Development

Perform Conjoint Analysis to develop a deep understanding of customer preference. Utilize powerful market insights to guide product and pricing decisions.

What is Conjoint Analysis?

Conjoint Analysis is a market research method that measures consumer perception and preference for individual product features, as well as the different permutations and combinations of product attributes.

Survey respondents are asked to evaluate a variety of product concepts and rate them features in terms of relative value. The data thus generated is then processed on a conjoint analysis software to derive the most crucial product features.

With conjoint analysis, organizations can determine the deciding factors behind their customers’ purchase decisions. Many product design errors and faulty pricing decisions can also be avoided with the deep insights generated through conjoint analysis.

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Benefits of Conjoint Analysis

As a market research approach that focuses on real-world scenarios, conjoint analysis helps organizations develop products that are of relevance and value to their target customers. With predictive insights regarding market demands, better products, and solutions emerge.

Predictive Insights With Powerful Analytics

Access scientifically derived market insights with S2C’s conjoint analysis solutions. Capitalize on product concepts, validated for customer preference, and invest in building only those products that are guaranteed to perform in the market.

Complex Studies Made Easy

S2C’s sophisticated research platform enables you to design even the most complicated conjoint analysis projects in a matter of minutes. Add product features and pricing variants on the go, and generate the best performing product variants validated by data.

Completely Automated Analysis

No need to worry about data scrubbing, coding, and performing complex statistical analysis to arrive at product concepts. S2C’s conjoint analysis software is completely automated and runs in the background to generate the final output for your review.

End-to-end Project Support

Even if nobody in your organization is trained to conduct conjoint analysis projects, S2C’s user-friendly research platform and support teams can make it possible for you. We help you with survey design, data analysis, and even result interpretation.

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