Closing The Loop

Recognize the subtle dynamics of each and every customer interaction, and determine factors that can convert prospects into customers. Close the loop for every customer interaction successfully.

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Leverage Data to Maximize Conversions

Gather critical customer feedback to drive every customer interaction to success. Partner with S2C’s closing the loop solutions into your operational processes.

What is Closing the Loop

By completing the loop, you may demonstrate to clients that you value their feedback and have heard it. Closed-loop feedback is when you respond to your customers’ feedback to-

  • Understand your customers’ experiences from their point of view 
  • Help elevate their experiences today 
  • Obtain insights to form your long-term customer experience strategies
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Realtime Insights

Why is closing the loop important?

Brands may improve short-term customer experiences by closing the loop, but they can also improve their overall CX strategy. Collaboration across all departments is necessary for customer experience design.

  • High Brand Reputation 
  • Great Customer Experience 
  • Helps customers feel valued

Survey2Connect’s Closing the Loop Solutions

S2C’S closing the loop solutions allow you to gather critical feedback and close every customer interaction successfully

Customer Engagement

To successfully close the loop, you need to keep your customers engaged from the point of information search till after the purchase is complete. Determine significant events that can immediately trigger the collection of feedback and produce data for process improvement. 

  • On-site feedback collection 
  • During and post purchase interaction 
  • Customer feedback via email or SMS
Omnichannel Feedback
Realtime Insights

Individual Behavior Mapping

Track every interaction that leads to a sale being closed or a customer giving up on making a purchase. Gather real-time data and track individual consumer behavior using S2C’s “closing the loop” tools.

  • Exhaustive question types for detractor recovery surveys 
  • Track Individual Case Histories 
  • Macro view of customer behavior through dashboard

Enhance Recurring Business

Create a strong blend of your value proposition and market messaging to successfully close each and every customer engagement. Regularly connect with customers after a purchase to encourage recurring business.

  • Define concrete SLAs for service resolution teams 
  • Customer engagement beyond issue resolution 
  • Positive brand experience encourages loyalty
Omnichannel Feedback
Realtime Insights

Closing The Loop for Businesses

You must comprehend what turns leads into paying consumers and what retains them if you want your brand to thrive sustainably. At each stage of the sales process, closing the loop solutions gather pertinent customer input in order to generate business insights.

  • Event Triggers 
  • Survey Alerts 
  • Ticket assigning 
  • Survey Schedules 
  • Survey Follow-ups 
  • Detractor Recovery

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