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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) is a government agency in Saudi Arabia responsible for the assessment and collection of Zakat and taxes including VAT.

zakat tax and customs authority


Government Agency


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Estimated survey triggers in 2020


Responses collected till now


Decrease in ticketing time

The Company

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) is a government agency in Saudi Arabia responsible for the assessment and collection of Zakat and taxes including VAT. ZATCA was established on 14 June 1951 as department under the Ministry of Finance.

ZATCA is headquartered in Riyadh and consists of the Taxpayer Department and 19 branches distributed over the main cities in the country.

The Challenge

Prior to joining hands with Survey2Connect in 2019, ZATCA lacked a centralised system to reach out to their customers. They did not had a centralized method or strategy for gathering survey/feedback from taxpayers (including internal and external customers). Each of their channel had its own survey, which limited their ability to analyze customer/taxpayer experience.

ZATCA wanted to integrate all their survey/feedback channels into a centralized system on ZATCA premise (SaaS/Cloud was not permitted). Some of the services/channels they wanted to integrate were Greeter System at ZATCA Branches , Contact Center , Core-System , Social Media Channels , Account Managers,  Live Chat , ZATCA Websites , ZATCA Mobile Apps , IVR System , Business Intelligence and Analytics system.

Apart from that, ZATCA wanted a survey solution that is easy to use, has a user friendly interface, and has various question types and options. They also asked for multilingual capacity within the platform and a responsive design that works well in laptop, mobile, tablets or a computer.

Multichannel feedback was also one of their key concerns. They wanted to capture and analyze customer feedback across all channels—web, email, phone IVR, text survey comments, mobile, and SMS. They wanted to boost their Voice of Customer by giving the customer choice to respond via their preferred channel and language.

Apart from using digital channels, ZATCA also wanted the ability to feed manual reports inputs from focus group or face-to-face interviews, or other means into the solution.

Another one of their major ask was about the analytics of the survey. They wanted to have a solutions that could help them in forcasting their decisions with rich data. They also laid stress on sentimental analysis and wanted us to gauge customer pulse through text feedback.

The Solution

While governments sometimes tend to overpass customer experience, ZATCA is one exception that prioritised customer feedback and stepped up to digitise Voice of Customer.

With Survey2Connect, ZATCA was able to achieve a centralised VOC program. The servers for this solution were set up on-premise. We provided them with a very effortless, DIY (Do it Yourself) solution that helped them create  responsive and branded surveys in any language. Moreover, a personalized SMS and survey is sent to each customer after interaction.

Most importantly, we integrated all their channels and services in one tool. This empowered them to collect, analyse and act in the same time. We integrated Core System with S2C for automated process like sending surveys after each transaction in language of their choice.

We enabled omnichannel feedback in both offline (like branches, kiosk, group discusiion and F2F) and online channels (like contact centre, website, SMS, social media live chat, email and website). This helped in increasing customer touchpoints to get more responses. Customer feedback was also gathered via survey over social media accounts like Twitter.

They could also manually feed in the data to create dashboards and do further analysis.

S2C also enabled ZATCA to create different dashboards for different KPIs and monitor performance in real time. Admins could control and customise dashboards to get insights.

Closed loop ticketing was also implemented that helped reduced the turn around time drastically. Tickets were received on staff’s email along with customer’s feedback and details. ZATCA also used the tool to enhance their employee experience.

The Result

Centralized VOC platform to carry out surveys for internal & external customers

Omni channel Feedback – They have integrated S2C with all the channels

Expecting to share 1.5 Million  to 2.0 Million SMS and Email based surveys by the end of 2020.

Created different dashboards for different KPIs and monitor performance in real time

Have been able to reduce Turn around time to reach dissatisfied customers by 25%

Significant reduction in total operational cost.

Have collected SMS/Email based responses to approx. 100,000 till date (does not contain responses collected through integration IVR/Greeter/Live Chat)

Using S2C for Employee Engagement and Policy making activities as well