Capturing Hajj Pilgrim Experience with ADAA

The annual Hajj Pilgrimage experience is of immense importance to the government of Saudi Arabia. To make the pilgrimage a smooth and memorable experience, the government agency ADAA works around the clock to ensure that every pilgrim visiting has the best experience.

With Hajj, the concerned departments want to create a seamless experience for pilgrims. This included providing an impeccable service right from booking flights to Saudi Arabia till the moment pilgrims board their return flights.

ADAA leveraged the power of Survey2Connect to capture the feedback of the pilgrims using our feedback collection suite to improve the experience of Hajj.

The omnichannel collection and real-time monitoring of data allowed ADAA to gain valuable insights for better future pilgrimage experiences.

Download the Case Study and learn how ADAA captured the feedback and improved the pilgrimage experience with Survey2Connect.