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Use analytics to understand what your brand’s next move should be.

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Deeper Brand Insights For Maximum Impact

Why be reactive in your brand tracking when you can be proactive with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) brand experience solutions?

Shaping Brand Experience’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Brand Experience solutions enable you to holistically determine your brand’s image in the customer mindscape.

  • Automate Ad and UI/UX Testing
  • Track Your Brand’s Image in Real-Time
  • Forecast Performance & Effectiveness of Brand

Your customers experience your brand even before buying your products. Take a deep dive into the perceptual positioning of your brand and take timely actions to build brand experiences that matter.

UI/UX Testing

Test For Superior Design & Performance’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) UI/UX Testing solutions facilitate multiple iterations of UI/UX through comprehensive testing with test audiences. Use test findings to improve your design and resulting brand experience.

  • Determine the effect of UI/UX on the customer journey
  • Test Designs for ROI maximization
  • Automate UI/UX Testing for Rapid Prototyping

Ad Testing

Magnify Your Ad Impact

Testing your ad campaigns before roll-out is the best way to ensure that the most creative, relevant, and impactful message gets communicated to your customers. Enhance your brand communication and ROI with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Ad Testing solutions

  • Test with relevant target customer segments
  • Forecast buying intent and brand perception
  • Maximize your Ad campaign ROI


Find the right respondent at your fingertips’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) audience feature has the world’s largest sample exchange that connects you to your right target from across the world. With such high quality respondents, you research insights can be accurate and efficient.

  • Select from 100,000,000+ registered customers across 300+
    profiling options
  • Access from 150+ countries and 4500+ panels to target relevant
  • Manage data in real-time with Dashboard reporting

Build Iconic Brands That Customers Are Passionate About

Deliver infallible brand experiences with every communication and every product.

Develop Campaigns That Work

Test various elements of your ad campaigns and launch only the best versions. With timely inputs gathered with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) brand experience tools, you will never again misfire with any critical market communication.

Capture Emerging Market Trends

Automate your research, testing, and brand tracking to capture emerging market trends. Keep pace with the market changes and never miss out on how your brand is being perceived.

Integrate Customer Feedback Into Brand Building’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) brand experience building tools not only assist you in capturing customer feedback but also generate deep market insights. Utilize these market insights to devise powerful brand building strategies.

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Digital Research

Digital research solutions designed to manage your on-field and off-field research. Use’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) customizable survey tools, AI enabled analytics with intuitive reporting and panel management for superior results.

Brand Experience

Test your brand’s perception and predict brand performance by capturing real customer insights. Build brand experiences that are delightful and can lead to loyal customer relationships.

Employee Experience

Tap into the employee pulse of your organization with’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) employee experience management solutions. Capture 360 degree feedback and enhance employee engagement organically.


Access globally distributed customer segments to generate realistic market insights. Gather customer inputs from diverse channels on an integrated platform to devise analytics based actions.

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What is a Brand Experience Solution

A brand is one of the most precious intangible assets of a company. A brand allows a company to stand out from the crowd and differentiate itself from others. Brand experience is the process of bringing all the tangible and intangible things of a company together and understanding how all these things contribute towards the business growth of the company.

Brand experience solutions allow you to shape your brand experience by enabling you to holistically determine your brand’s image in the customer mindscape. In today’s world it has become really important to position your brand in a way that it resonates with your customer and provides them with a good experience.

Brand experience software allows companies to understand their branding needs and provides real-time insights to take timely actions. Our brand experience software provides you with an exhaustive analysis of your brand and allows you to capture emerging market trends, develop campaigns that work and integrate customer feedback into brand building.

Why Brand Experience Solutions

Branding plays a really important role in the growth and success of any business enterprise. Your brand is your identity and it is what sets you apart from others. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you create a good brand experience for your customers.

Brand Experience Tools are a very powerful way to bring people together around the brand, driving success and business growth. The brand experience software engages employees and customers with brands, bringing them closer together in a more powerful and meaningful way. In order to build a successful company, brand experience needs to be one of the top priorities of businesses.

Today we live in a highly competitive world where it gets extremely difficult to differentiate yourself from others, therefore brand experience plays an important role in doing so. The fact that you’re a B2B or a B2C company doesn’t matter anymore in terms of branding. Every business needs to create a unique brand experience for themselves.’s (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) brand experience software allows you to shape your brand experience by tracking your brand’s image in real-time, forecasting the performance and effectiveness of the brand. It allows you to capture the relevant feedback regarding your brand and cater to that feedback in the fastest possible manner.

What does (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) Offer? (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) provides you with a comprehensive brand experience tool that allows you to change the course of your brand experience using real-time insights and analysis of your brand. Our Brand Experience Solution enables you to meet your customers where they are and interact with them in a whole new way.

As an integrated branding solution provider, we’re passionate about helping clients build their brands and deliver a consistent experience from the first touchpoint to the last.

Using our DIY brand experience software, you can test for superior design and performance by testing the designs for ROI optimization, automating UI/UX testing and determining the effect of UI/UX on the customer journey.

Apart from that, our brand experience tool allows you to test your ad campaigns in an effective manner and magnify your ad impact. You can enhance your brand communication by testing with relevant target customer segments, and maximizing your ad campaign ROI.

Our brand experience software also has an audience feature that provides you with access to the world’s largest sample exchange that connects you to your right target from across the world. Using this feature, you can manage the data in real-time with dashboard reporting and select from 100,000,000+ registered customers across 300+ profiling options.