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AI in Customer Experience can transform your journeys
Revolutionizing Experience: AI in Customer Experience 

AI has become the new buzzword in the town. Every industry is facing a transformation with the influx of AI. Be it content creation or developing a robust website, AI is evolving to mimic human inputs. It is not long before Customer Experience also witnesses an AI transformation. With AI in Customer Experience becoming increasingly […]

S2C introduces XEBO
Survey2Connect Unveils XEBO: The Revolutionary AI-Powered CX Assistant Redefining Experience Management

Survey2Connect, a leading provider of Experience Management Solutions, proudly announces the launch of XEBO, an innovative AI-powered assistant designed to revolutionize the way businesses create and analyze customer journeys.   With its cutting-edge AI technology, XEBO empowers organizations to create surveys swiftly, gain valuable insights, and effortlessly detect pain points, setting a new standard in Experience […]

Voice of customer
Voice of Customer: Understanding What Your Customers Need 2023

If you’re a business owner or marketer, you’re probably always looking for better ways to understand your customers. In today’s ever-changing market, understanding your customer’s needs is more critical than ever. Consumer behavior is evolving faster than ever, and businesses that don’t keep up risk losing out on sales and growth opportunities. One exceptional strategy […]

Net Promoter Score
What Is NPS?
NPS or more commonly known as net promoter score is a metric system which measures the loyalty of customers towards…
Business Research Definition
Business Research: Definition
Business research is a procedure of getting point by point data of a considerable number of territories of business and…
Digital Research: The New Normal
The outbreak of Covid-19 has made companies and brands globally uncertain about the future. This uncertainty has brought a surge…
Predictive Analysis The Need Of The Hour
Consumers have more choice now more than ever before. They are no longer confined to whatever their local store has…
Personalisation In CX
Personalisation In CX
A gradual unlock process of states in all the countries post-COVID is occurring and the holiday season approaching retail’s busiest…
Market Research
Market Research
Covid-19 surely did bring the whole world to a standstill and every business right now is struggling to survive. Many…
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey?
It is very rightly said by some of the most eminent personalities in the corporate world: “The greatest asset of…
Financial Impact Of Employee Experience
Financial Impact Of Employee Experience
The term ‘employee experience’ is drawing attention from all around the world. Everyone is driving their focus towards employee experience…
Top 6 Customer Experience Trends For 2022
Intro:  2020 was a year where businesses grappled with major disruption as the world was forced into isolation. The Covid-19…