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Elevating customer experience through technology
Elevating Customer Experience Through Technology

  Customers are expecting more from businesses, and who would blame them? We’ve all had user experiences that ranged from excellent to vexing. Companies are under increased pressure to strike the right balance between both the experience they want to provide and minimal internal capital and other priorities, especially when well-known customer companies are reaping […]

Voice of customer
Everything you need to know about the Voice of Customer

  The Voice of Customer (VOC) is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, especially ones that target consumers. It’s no secret that companies these days are looking to put their customers at the heart of their business – and with good reason, too! After all, you can’t please your customers if you […]

Customer Lifecycle
The Guide to Customer Lifecycle

    What is a Customer Lifecycle? The stages a consumer goes through in product discovery, purchase, and brand loyalty are the customer lifecycle. These stages may change between brands and firms, but a typical client lifecycle includes:   Customers get to know of a particular product or service and seek one. Customers’ product selection […]

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What To Do With Customer Feedback
What To Do With Customer Feedback
A business only survives because of its customers. Customers act as really important factors for determining the fate of the…
Few Remote Employee Recognition Ideas That Always Work
Few Remote Employee Recognition Ideas That Always Work
The ongoing Coronavirus crisis has resulted in an unprecedented shift to remote work, almost every organization’s entire workforce shifted to…
Net Promoter Score
What Is NPS?
NPS or more commonly known as net promoter score is a metric system which measures the loyalty of customers towards…
Business Research Definition
Business Research: Definition
Business research is a procedure of getting point by point data of a considerable number of territories of business and…
Digital Research: The New Normal
The outbreak of Covid-19 has made companies and brands globally uncertain about the future. This uncertainty has brought a surge…
Predictive Analysis The Need Of The Hour
Consumers have more choice now more than ever before. They are no longer confined to whatever their local store has…
Personalisation In CX
Personalisation In CX
A gradual unlock process of states in all the countries post-COVID is occurring and the holiday season approaching retail’s busiest…
Market Research
Market Research
Covid-19 surely did bring the whole world to a standstill and every business right now is struggling to survive. Many…
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey?
It is very rightly said by some of the most eminent personalities in the corporate world: “The greatest asset of…