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personalized customer experience
Importance Of Personalized Customer Experience

  The thing about today’s customers is that they have evolved. A lot! Users no longer choose to compromise for generic versions or experiences, preferring to have everything reflect their personal preferences. But, as your customer base expands by leaps and bounds, how do you create a one-of-a-kind, personalized customer experience for everybody, every time? […]

Customer Loyalty
The Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty

Whether you’re a new business startup owner or have been in the industry for years, one thing remains constant: you must be able to attract and keep clients. Customer loyalty is essential.   While some firms (generally large ones) may afford to spend a lot of money on attracting new clients, you must be careful […]

Automation in customer experience
Automation in Customer Experience

We’ve all heard it: for a business to prosper, it must provide a fantastic customer experience (CX).  In today’s day and age, managing consumer expectations for outstanding experiences may be time-consuming and costly. Today, compelling customer experience includes uniformity across platforms, including websites, SMS, chatbots, social media, and contact with customer support centers. Automation assists […]

Personalisation In CX
Personalisation In CX
A gradual unlock process of states in all the countries post-COVID is occurring and the holiday season approaching retail’s busiest…
Market Research
Market Research
Covid-19 surely did bring the whole world to a standstill and every business right now is struggling to survive. Many…
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey?
It is very rightly said by some of the most eminent personalities in the corporate world: “The greatest asset of…
Financial Impact Of Employee Experience
Financial Impact Of Employee Experience
The term ‘employee experience’ is drawing attention from all around the world. Everyone is driving their focus towards employee experience…
Top 6 Customer Experience Trends For 2022
Intro:  2020 was a year where businesses grappled with major disruption as the world was forced into isolation. The Covid-19…
Sentiment Analysis Understanding Your Digital Audience
Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Your Digital Audience
Sentiment analysis – otherwise known as opinion mining – is a much-discussed about but often misunderstood term. In essence, it…
The Need Of Patient Experience In 2020
Healthcare organizations have faced a lot of challenges in the past few months. Be it the outburst of COVID-19, transformation…
5 Ways To Invest In Employee Experience To Increase Sales
5 Ways to Invest in Employee Experience to Increase Sales
There is no running from the fact that Customer Satisfaction is the foundation of any business. The sole purpose of…