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With the latest WhatsApp integration, users are expected to get a better survey response because of more visibility on WhatsApp messenger.
Expanding Omnichannel Collection With WhatsApp Integration

For companies offering Survey creation, an omnichannel collection suite has been a top priority. With a fast-paced world and short attention span, reaching the customer is not enough. If you want to catch your customers’ attention, you need to reach them on their preferred channel. It can range from Email to SMS to Social Media. […]

Survey2Connect announces partnership with BusinessWay to provide seamless Customer Experience platform in Riyadh.
Survey2Connect and BusinessWay Partner To Provide Seamless Customer Experience

Survey2Connect, which is a best in the class research platform has joined hands with BusinessWay Co. Saudi Arabia, a customer-centric consulting firm based in Riyadh, to provide a platform for customer experience solutions and market research in the region. With this tie-up, businesses in the region would be able to able to track and manage […]

NPS vs CES tells you about the difference between the two parameters and which one is more suited for you to assess your customer experience.
NPS vs CES: Which One is Better for Your Survey?

For almost a decade now, the NPS question which goes something like – “How likely are you to recommend our products to friends and family on a scale of 1 to 10” has been the favored way to measure customer loyalty. NPS tells you how likely are they to promote you? However, marketers and customer […]

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