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It is very important to know as to how to handle negative feedback from customers
How To Handle Negative Feedback From Customers

Businesses like every other stream of consciousness seem to thrive on positive feedback. But just like every other part of life, it is not devoid of negative feedback. However, the presence of negative feedback is not the problem rather the focus should be on how your businesses handle negative feedback from customers. But before we […]

Behavioral Science in CX is a tool that can be used to enhance customer experience
How Behavior Changes The Way We Shop: Behavioral Science in CX

During the 1920s, Psychologists Dan Starch and George Gallup focused on advancing market research using scientific principles. A century later, the use of behavioral science has emerged as an untapped goldmine that only a few brands are looking to explore to advance their CX practice. Technology has drastically changed the way we shop. Shops and […]

The new ticket interface allows you to have more control over your ticket tracking
Survey2Connect is Launching A New Ticket Interface

Survey2Connect is launching a new intuitive ticket interface to keep track of all the tickets generated. An Upgrade from the existing system, the new ticketing interface would provide you with more control over the tickets generated and give easy to perceive visuals, similar to our Dashboard. Now you can access every ticket generated in a […]

5 Ways to Invest in Employee Experience to Increase Sales
There is no running from the fact that Customer Satisfaction is the foundation of any business. The sole purpose of…
The Need Of Patient Experience In 2020
Healthcare organizations have faced a lot of challenges in the past few months. Be it the outburst of COVID-19, transformation…
Sentiment Analysis – Understanding Your Digital Audience
Sentiment analysis – otherwise known as opinion mining – is a much-discussed about but often misunderstood term. In essence, it…
12 Customer Experience Trends To Look Out For In 2021
Intro:  2020 was a year where businesses grappled with major disruption as the world was forced into isolation. The Covid-19…
Financial Impact Of Employee Experience
The term ‘employee experience’ is drawing attention from all around the world. Everyone is driving their focus towards employee experience…
How To Make A Performance Appraisal Survey?
It is very rightly said by some of the most eminent personalities in the corporate world: “The greatest asset of…
Market Research
Covid-19 surely did bring the whole world to a standstill and every business right now is struggling to survive. Many…
Personalisation In CX
A gradual unlock process of states in all the countries post-COVID is occurring and the holiday season approaching retail’s busiest…
Predictive Analysis The Need Of The Hour
Consumers have more choice now more than ever before. They are no longer confined to whatever their local store has…