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Unlock New Insights With WhatsApp Integration

Use WhatsApp collector to increase your survey response rate

Survey2connect’s WhatsApp Feedback Collection Tool

Now reach your customers on their WhatsApp messenger

Get Better Survey Response Rate
With WhatsApp Collector

Share your feedback surveys or Digital Research surveys with your respondents on WhatsApp and get better results.

  • Bypass the promotional messages and Emails and reach your
    customer on their personal WhatsApp chat
  • Leave no base unattended. With more than 2 Billion active users,
    make sure you don’t miss out on any insight
  • A higher response rate means more insights for your customer
    experience and digital research program

Get Survey2Connect’s Customer Experience and Digital Research Solution to get customer feedback from a wider range of audiences using a true omnichannel collection suite.

S2C’s True Omnichannel Collection

Leverage Survey2Connect’s true omnichannel collection suite that gives you the power to reach your customers on their preferred channel.

  • Avoid the promotional message silos by directly reaching on
    their WhatsApp, getting a better response rate
  • Streamline all your communication with your customers including
    feedback survey and digital research using WhatsApp communication
  • Reach your customer on their preferred channel of communication
    including Email and SMS

With S2C’s WhatsApp integration, you get access to a true omnichannel collection suite. This allows you to reach your customers on all available channels of communication.

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