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Achieve your market research objectives faster than ever before, by partnering with S2C. Access a wide range of market research tools, designed to automate your data collection and analysis while giving you complete user control and flexibility.

Research That Reveals The Market Truths

Organize the most sophisticated market research campaigns to develop a deeper
understanding of market forces and the drivers behind your customers’ buying decisions.

Product Development Research

Plan and execute complex conjoint analysis research programs to facilitate your pricing decisions and selection of the most viable product features. Test product concepts and prototypes with the most relevant customer segments

Marketing Campaign Research

Test your ad campaigns and marketing content before launching. Engage a selective group of customers to understand the value proposition that they seek and incorporate your research findings into marketing campaigns for higher ROI.

Customer Experience Research

Delve deep into the customer experience with your products and touch-points, to holistically map your customers’ journey. Find out what satisfies them, what motivates them to repeat buy, and what causes customer churn.

Brand Perception Research

Gather market intelligence and understand customer sentiment towards your brand with S2C’s sophisticated market research and social listening solutions. Engage your customers through multiple channels to capture their feedback in real time.

Competitor Analysis

Maintain a sharp eye on the market performance of your brand by easily conducting competitor analysis. Conduct relative brand comparison through focus groups, guided interviews, and pulse surveys for accuracy and agility.

Mystery Shopping and Audits

Deploy the mystery shopping team at S2C to cover your direct and indirect contact centers. Measure service quality, process gaps, and every nuanced brand interaction that your customers go through.

Better Reach And Responsiveness

You will never have to worry about respondent recruitment and sampling errors,
once you experience the intelligent market research solutions of S2C.

Omnichannel Customer Reach

Reach your customer wherever they are by using the omnichannel survey functionality of S2C’s research platform. Engage respondents via SMS, IVR, Whatsapp, Voice call, app, or whichever channel they prefer.

Multi-lingual Surveys

To achieve better responsiveness for your surveys, you need to talk to your respondents in the language they prefer. Use S2C’s multi-lingual surveys to capture the entirety of your geographic market and expedite your survey output.

In The Moment Engagement

Engage your customers when they have top-of-mind brand recall and when they can give relevant responses to your survey questions. Identify crucial touchpoints and moments of truth in the customer journey and deploy your surveys there.

Panel Management

Organize on-demand surveys by accessing carefully curated respondent panels of S2C, anytime and anywhere in the world. Reduce the time spent on sample selection by finding the most relevant and committed representatives of your target segments.

Data Sanitization

Improve your data quality with easy to use data sanitization and validation tools offered by S2C. Perform advanced analytics without worrying about false signals, sampling errors, and data redundancy.

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