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What are Pulse Surveys?

Understanding Employee PulseS2C

Employee pulse surveys are short format surveys that can be organized with a select audience sample from time to time. Often conducted on a monthly or quarterly frequency, pulse surveys can have less than five questions, focused on a particular topic. As an employer, you can regularly track development in employee-related dimensions, like-

  • Job Satisfaction
  • On-boarding and Exit Procedure
  • Work Environment & Culture
  • Opinions About New HR Initiatives

Employee pulse surveys are a quick and effective way of tracking key indicators of employee engagement. Even minor fluctuations in employee experience can be captured with these due to the fast and regular nature of pulse surveys.

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Pulse Surveys for Faster Employee Connect

Employee pulse surveys are designed for frequent and fast execution, capturing critical information within minutes. Make your HR practices and organizational culture more agile with S2C’s employee pulse survey software.

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