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دبي لإدارة الأصول

دبي لإدارة الأصول هي شركة إدارة الأصول السكنية لدبي القابضة.


Asset Management


United Arab Emirates


Increased in customer satisfaction index


Total number of surveys filled in 2019​


Closed loop tickets addressed in 2019

ال شركة

Dubai asset Management is the residential asset management company of Dubai holding. It is focussed on long term value creation through the developement, acquisition and management of a diverse portfolio of residential real estate assets for rent.

ال Challenge

  • Dubai Asset Management wanted to find ways to efficiently measure the experience of the customers.
  • In the absence of this data, they were having trouble gauging what worked and what did not with regards to customer experience.
  • Lack of real-time data hampered their plans to act instantaneously to situations and remedy them.

ال Solution

  • DAM Tracked the situation real time and automated a survey trigger, everytime a customer transaction was completed. This happened by integrating DAM‘s CRM into Survey2connect’s platform.
  • They enabled multi channel surveys using Emails, SMS, and Telephones
  • They also used S2C’s ticketing system which enabled ‘close the loop feedback’. This helped in taking immediate corrective measures based on poor rating by the customer.

ال Result

  • They were able to track and analyse CX at various channels and reaching out to dissatisfied customers on daily basis
  • They were able to improve their Customer satisfaction index by 21%
  • Employee engagement increased by 28%
  • Increased Customer stay duration from 3.5 years to 4.5 years.